• Best pots for succulents

    Lovely succulent is fun to show in engaging cute succulent pots that mix style and performance. Succulents store create drought-friendly and low-maintenance houseplants for people who work odd hours, often travel or have very little interest in fussing. You are still willing to bring home a colorful succulent to observe the plants' modification color, get mushy, and die. Though there is…
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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of red clay pots?

    With respect to red terracotta pot, it is a good type of flower pot, which is fired in natural clay at low temperature and then dried naturally. Because there are many pores at the edge and bottom of the flowerpot, the air permeability and drainage of the red clay pots are particularly good. Many gardeners…
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  • Plastic Pot or Clay PotWhich Type of Flower Pot is Better for Your Houseplants?

    In terms of type of flower pot, it is critical to choose a certain one, because the drainage and air permeability of flower pots of different materials are different. If plants are planted in suitable flower pots, they will grow better. Here are the two commonly different types of pots…
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  • Can’t miss deals on personalized ceramic pots from ceramic pot manufacturer!!

    It’s better to have a brief understanding about the ceramics prior to the discussion of personalized ceramic pots. Ceramic art of China has a long history, which can be described as one of the great inventions of ancient China. Many countries regard Chinese ceramic art as priceless treasures. Up to now, ceramic…
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  • How to find ceramic planters for sale?

    What is for certain, is that planting plants such as flowers and succulent, can play a role in decorating homes. As far as plant is concerned, it can not only be of benefit to lift spirits and freshen the air, but also have extremely medicinal value. If you're obsessed with buying…
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  • Searching for the expert ceramic pots manufacturer?

    As people’s living standard continues to rise, they are paying more attention to their living quality, and people’s life is more and more exquisite. High-quality life needs exquisite decoration to create a warm and comfy and attractive environment. Pottery plant pots fit to decorate any style of environment, which is…
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  • Customer negotiation

    One of the Nigerian customers come to visit the factory after checked our online products. We show him around the workshop environment, the production process, and sample shelves. Much more plant pots are displayed than showing and category online. Signed the contract immediately as soon as talked about the cooperation…
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  • Steps for plant succulents

    As a flower pot manufacturer, we have accelerated a lot of experience with indoor china plant pots. Here are the steps for plant succulents: Prepare succulents, marble succulent planter, soil, water, and tools before planting. Put the grid on the drain hole, put the soil into the flower pot, and then…
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