Geometric Plant Pots Flower Pot Set Ceramic Planter
Geometric Plant Pots Flower Pot Set Ceramic Planter
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Their monochromatic design will grab attention in any place.

Larger ceramic planter perfect for taller plants and the smaller one for any smaller houseplant.

Geometric planter includes a drainage hole to support healthy root growth for thriving houseplants.


Model: AN 0086

Material: Ceramic

Size: 7 inch*5.9 inch/5.4 inch*5.3 inch (D*H)

Color: Brown

Product Include: Ceramic planter set of 2

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Product Detail
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Geometric Plant Pots Flower Pot Set Ceramic Planter



Product Parameters


Item: Geometric Plant Pots Flower Pot Set Ceramic Planter
Model: AN 0086
Planter Material: Ceramic
Color: Brown
Planter Size: 7 inch*5.9 inch/5.4 inch*5.3 inch (D*H)
Product Include: Ceramic planter set of 2
Application: Windowsill,Living room,Bedroom,Garden,Balcony,Office
Tip: Plants are not included


Product Detail


Unique design: The modern design of the geometric plant pots makes it more competitive in the market.

Material: Ceramic planters is made of high-quality ceramic, durable and easy to clean.

Planter Size: 7 inch*5.9 inch/5.4 inch*5.3 inch (D*H), it is large enough to planting orchid, aloe, cactus or various plants.

Drainage Hole: The bottom of the plant pot set are equipped with drainage holes to promote plant respiration and drainage.



Designed with geometric element, these flower pot set fits any space. Each ceramic planter features a geometric embossed design. These textured geometric plant pots are an effortless way to elevate your space and will go with any decor style in your home! Display them separately or cluster them together with a set of matching plants for a pleasing arrangement. Each set comes two different decorative plant pots but maintain a consistent style that makes them look very harmonious when placed together. We can see these styled in your living room, entryway, office space, dining area or breakfast nook for a natural and serene feel.



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1.What is the usual way of your product packing?

We have foam packing and simple packing. General speaking, to ensure the safety of the ceramic pots, we suggest foam packing for small orders and simple packing for large order.

2.Could you quote me the shipping cost?

Of course, but we should know what flower pot you want to ordered and the destination port.

3.It comes whit the plant in it?

Plant is NOT included, for display purposes only.


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