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4.5 Inch Ceramic Painted Succulent Pots
4.5 Inch Ceramic Painted Succulent Pots
4.5 Inch Ceramic Painted Succulent Pots
4.5 Inch Ceramic Painted Succulent Pots
4.5 Inch Ceramic Painted Succulent Pots
4.5 Inch Ceramic Painted Succulent Pots
4.5 Vyungu vya Kauri Vilivyopakwa Rangi ya Inchi

The hand-painted succulent pots are made of high-quality ceramic materials, which are very suitable for the growth of plants.It's beautiful hand-painted pattern looks very modern.


Model:AN 0023 & AN 0025


Size:4.5 inch*4 inch(D*H)

Product Include:Round planter and bamboo tray

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4.5 Vyungu vya Kauri Vilivyopakwa Rangi ya Inchi




Product Parameters


Item: 4.5in Ceramic Painted Succulent Pots
Model: AN 0023 & AN 0025
Planter Material: Ceramic
Planter Size: 4.5 inch*4 inch(D*H)
Product Include: Round planter and bamboo tray
Application: Windowsill,Living room,Balcony,Company,Hotel,Garden
Tip: Plants are not included



Product Detail


Unique Design: Round succulent pots with hand-painted line, and fashionable appearance that looks very elegant and modern.

Succulent Planter Size:4.5 inch*4 inch(D*H)

Drainage Hole&Bamboo Tray: The drain hole of the succulent planters keeps the soil not too wet, and the removable bamboo tray can wash away the collected water and soil at any time.

Planter Pillar: The pillars of the ceramic cactus pot will make the root of the plant breathe well, which is conducive to the growth of the plant.






The 4.5in ceramic flower pot is suitable to plant succulent, cactus, aloe, and you can use it to decorate your bedroom, living room, garden, balcony, company, hotel.





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1. How can I get the sample?
After getting your sample requirement and your sample fee, we'll arrange sample making asap. When finish will first take photo for your checking, after your confirmation, will send to you.

2. How can we control the quality?
We've our own quality control staff during the producing, will keep the quality strictly. Sure, you can also arrange the third party to check the quality when mass production is done.

3. Could you quote me shipping cost?
Yes, but I should know what you want to ordered and the destination port.

4. What about shipping?
By express, by air or by sea, any of them is workable. We listening to your advice. You can use your own shipping agent, we send the goods to your agent warehouse. You can also use our shipping agent and we'll handle everything for you, you just waiting for goods coming.


If you have some problems about 4.5 inchi Vyungu vya Kauri Vilivyopakwa rangi, or want to know more details about succulent pots,succulent, planters, round planters, ceramic planter pots, planter pots, na kadhalika. Welcome to contact us!

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Vyungu vya Succulent vya Jumla, Vyungu vya Mimea yenye Majimaji, Wholesale Succulent Pots China

Ancooly is offering a tremendous arrangement of adorable Vyungu vya Succulent vya Jumla made in china. We offer Vyungu vya Mimea yenye Majimaji that are altogether made under the great artists utilizing the best material and inventive innovation in adherence to quality standards.

Pot Succulent Planter qualities

  1. Made up of the best quality and pure ceramic
  2. Smooth and provide a shiny finish
  3. Made in China

To make life simpler, each pot likewise accompanies a coordinating with dribble plate and connected cushions to shield surfaces from harm. Buy now the collection of flawless succulent pots today!

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