What are the advantages and disadvantages of red clay pots?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of red clay pots?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of red clay pots?

With respect to red terracotta pot, it is a good type of flower pot, which is fired in natural clay at low temperature and then dried naturally. Because there are many pores at the edge and bottom of the flowerpot, the air permeability and drainage of the red clay pots are particularly good. Many gardeners have preferences regarding the choice of red clay pots for their plants. And why? In this article, we will detail some advantages and disadvantages of red terracotta pots.

(1) Advantages of red clay pots

Due to the features of good air permeability and drainage, red clay pots for plants can not only dry the soil in the flowerpot as soon as possible, but also keep the roots of the plants in a slightly dry state.

The terracotta pot has a more traditional aesthetic. Besides, the red terracotta pots has a certain weight and is not easy to tip over.

(2) Disadvantages of red terracotta pots

The shortcomings of red clay planter are obvious. One of the disadvantages is that it’s relatively easy to crack. For example, if you accidentally drop it, it will cause the flower pot to break. Another thing to note is that if it is a terracotta pot placed outdoors, if the temperature drops below zero, as long as there is moisture in it, it will slowly freeze, which will also cause the flower pot to crack.

Another point is that if you water it for a long time, it will easily cause some unsightly salt-alkali deposits on the surface of the flowerpot and soil, leaving some white powdery substances. It can be wiped clean.

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