• Searching for the expert ceramic pots manufacturer?

    As people’s living standard continues to rise, they are paying more attention to their living quality, and people’s life is more and more exquisite. High-quality life needs exquisite decoration to create a warm and comfy and attractive environment. Pottery plant pots fit to decorate any style of environment, which is…
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  • Customer negotiation

    One of the Nigerian customers come to visit the factory after checked our online products. We show him around the workshop environment, the production process, and sample shelves. Much more plant pots are displayed than showing and category online. Signed the contract immediately as soon as talked about the cooperation…
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  • Steps for plant succulents

    As a flower pot manufacturer, we have accelerated a lot of experience with indoor china plant pots. Here are the steps for plant succulents: Prepare succulents, marble succulent planter, soil, water, and tools before planting. Put the grid on the drain hole, put the soil into the flower pot, and then…
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  • How to choose the flower pot material?

    Do you know how to choose flower pot material? Here are five types according to their material.   1.Ceramic Flower Pot Due to the long history of ceramic craftsmanship, ceramic flower pots can be made in many shapes and colors. The surface of the ceramic flower pot is smooth, so…
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  • Can the remaining milk be used for watering flowers?

    Mix the remaining juice in the leftover milk bottle with water 10 times to water the flowers. There are more pouring times, the soil surface is slightly hardened, which can be solved by loosening the soil, and the organic matter in the milk can also improve the soil structure. However,
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  • How to pot flowers

    How to pot flowers 1. The size of the flower pot should be selected according to the size of the flower, not too large or too small. If you are not sure the size, just consulting us - indoor china plant pots manufacturer 2. When loading the basin, first cover…
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  • How to remove insects in flower pots?

    How to remove bugs in geometric plant pots? As an indoor China plant pots supplier, we will give you the best suggestions Yellow plate deworming: It is very easy to use with sand. The yellow plate can be hung on the lace because the insect has the habit of yellowing.…
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